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Rails Api & AngularJS

I love using Rails Api with AngularJS and i think it is the best combination for rapid development.

We will learn how to integrate them in this post.

Folder Structure

We will have separate directories for server(rails api) and client(angular) codebase.


So lets begin and create a new rails application.

```rails-api new server –skip-sprockets

We will use yeoman to generate our angular app. If you haven't used it, first go checkout [yeoman](, [grunt]( & [bower](

```yo angular client

Run this command inside client folder.

Run rails server and grunt serve to check everything is working fine.

Serving angular app through rails

Before building any thing first lets see how we will serve our frontend code through rails.

Run grunt build command inside client folder to build our static assests. This grunt task runs multiple task internally and prepares our code to be served and deployed. I suggest checking Gruntfile.js to see how this task works.

This builds a dist folder. Copy the contents of this folder and paste it in public folder inside server directory.

If you head over to localhost:3000 now you will see this-

This shows that our angular app is getting served through rails server.

You can create a rake task or grunt task to automate this process.

Deploying to heroku

If you are to deploying this to heroku, set

config.serve_static_assets = true

in server/config/environments/production.rb file.

Deploy using this command

git subtree push --prefix server heroku master

as we want to push only server folder instead of complete root directory.

Its not complete yet. I will update it where we will create a api and consume it using angular.